Solar for CommunitiesReduce Service Charges cost on communities


Powering communities with solar panels

Solar power systems for Housing Communities properties can offset tenant & Owners Associations loads as well as energy use in building common areas, lowering utility bills for both property owners and tenants.


Smart Gulf Solar helps developers set up Virtual Net Metering agreements to distribute benefits easily and efficiently.


Stabilize properties and secure reliable energy.

We help you secure low, unsurprising energy rates for up to 20 years. Smart Gulf Solar capable to make solar power less expensive than electricity from the local power company.

Our solar solution for Residential Communities makes it very appealing and reduces energy cost dramatically.


Efficiency in simplicity

Smart Gulf Solar team handles your entire project, including: designing permitting, construction and maintenance.

We install the solar panels on your roof in a shorter amount of time and with less penetrations compared to traditional methods – with little to no disruption to your business operations.


Power your Residential Community with Solar now!